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Howling Mad Hot Sauce Co. Crazy About Flavour!!!

Hand-Crafted Seasonal Hot Sauces that are Full Flavoured and Won't Melt Your Face Off.

About Us

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Howling Mad's Mind

We love everything spicy, from Adobo and Allspice to Wasabi and Watercress. After being convinced to sell our one-of-a-kind sauces to the masses, we had to give them only the best in flavour. That is why we have conceived some of the best and most unique hot sauces around!

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Quality and Responsibility

We grow many of the ingredients for our sauces, what we don't grow, we try to source locally and organically. This is because of our dedication to quality, and living a more seasonal, local and ecologically responsible lifestyle. 

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Markets and Media

Our organic, Hand Crafted, Hot sauces are only available at farmers markets in Harris and surrounding counties in Texas, and online (which is hopefully why you're here). We are on Facebook and Instagram @HowlingMadHotSauceCo Follow us for awesome, spicy cocktail recipies as well as interesting "Blue Plate Specials" to inspire your inner chef!

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Howling Mad Hot Sauce Co.

Conroe, Texas, United States